5 Questions: Maryland Cities

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What band did Vanessa Huxtable and her friends sneak off to Baltimore to see (and have big fun with) on a classic episode of The Cosby Show?
Raw Sewage
Tears and Vomit
Total Defiance
The Wretched
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Which of the following melodies is considered to be the theme song for film comedy duo Laurel and Hardy?
The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down
Melancholy Serenade
Dance of the Cuckoos
Funeral March of a Marionette
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What is the surname of Frederick, lingerie retailer and founder of Frederick's of Hollywood?
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What Motown classic did David Bowie record with Mick Jagger to raise funds for Live Aid?
Dancing in the Street
Shop Around
Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Please Mr. Postman
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Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in the traditional recipe for Salisbury steak?
Green pepper
Bread crumbs