5 Questions: One Last "Tri"

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With whom did Travis Tritt record his Grammy winning-single "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'"?
Marty Stuart
Tim McGraw
Dwight Yoakam
Billy Ray Cyrus
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Trisomy 21 is a chromosomal defect that causes what condition in a human fetus?
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Fragile X Syndrome
Down Syndrome
Cri du Chat Syndrome
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Which of the following was NOT one of the three original flavors included in boxes of Trix cereal?
Orange orange
Grapity purple
Lemon yellow
Raspberry red
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Which of the following describes a zig-zag shaped ribbon trimming used in sewing?
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Which of the following TV characters was married to a woman named Trixie?
Barney Rubble
Archie Bunker
Fred Mertz
Ed Norton