5 Questions: This Quiz Has Legs

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Mary Hart, whose legs were insured by Lloyd's of London, was the host for what syndicated TV show from 1982 until 2011?
A Current Affair
Inside Edition
Access Hollywood
Entertainment Tonight
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Who portrayed a mining engineer in a small town that was overrun with giant spiders in the 2002 film Eight Legged Freaks?
David Arquette
Ashton Kutcher
Chris O' Donnell
Josh Lucas
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ZZ Top's Top 10 hit "Legs" first appeared on which of the band's albums?
El Loco
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Who was Fred Astaire's love interest and dance partner in 1955's Daddy Long Legs?
Eleanor Powell
Leslie Caron
Cyd Charisse
Vera Ellen
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What name is used to describe furniture legs that are curved out at the top and curved inward at the bottom?