5 Questions: Crickets Chirping

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What ukulele player was the voice of Disney's Jiminy Cricket until the 1960s?
George Formby
Frank Skinner
Cliff Edwards
Roy Smeck
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A product called "Cricket" that was launched in 1961 was the first of what type of product to hit the market?
Disposable lighter
Digital watch
Pocket calculator
Instant camera
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What song was the only single by Buddy Holly and the Crickets to hit Number One on the Billboard Pop Chart?
Maybe Baby
That'll Be the Day
Peggy Sue
Oh Boy
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Who played photographer/night club singer Cricket Blake on TV's Hawaiian Eye?
Connie Stevens
Carol Lynley
Joey Heatherton
Stella Stevens
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What was the name of the cricket who chirped classical music in the Newbery Award-winning children's book A Cricket in Times Square?