5 Questions: Bedding V: Nice "Spread"

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What hit single by Rod Stewart contained the line "spread your wings and let me come inside", which was deemed too suggestive for AM radio?
Hot Legs
You're in My Heart
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Tonight's the Night
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Shedd's Spread margarine is sold under what brand name in the US?
Country Crock
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!
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Designed by by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, what was the name of the first spreadsheet program made for the PC?
Bean Sheet
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What magazine's "Must List" is a two-page spread that appears in each issue listing 10 current things the staff loves?
Entertainment Weekly
The Week
Sports Illustrated
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What actor guest-starred on an episode of Friends in which he confessed to spreading the rumor in high school that Rachel was a hermaphrodite?
Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt
David Arquette
Johnny Depp