5 Questions: "Don" Look Now

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What song was Hawaiian singer Don Ho's only Top 10 pop hit?
Tiny Bubbles
Blue Hawaii
Morning Dew
Sweet Leilani
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What was the name of the farmer that Alonso Quijano recruited to be his squire in the novel Don Quixote?
Don Juan
José Greco
Sancho Panza
Pancho Villa
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What was the nickname of the character played by Don Johnson on TV's Miami Vice?
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What piece of sporting equipment is a favorite insult frequently hurled by comedian Don Rickles?
Five iron
Hockey puck
Eight ball
Jock strap
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Don McLean hit Number One on the UK singles chart in 1972 with a song about what artist?
Henri Matisse
Pablo Picasso
Vincent van Gogh
Salvador Dali