5 Questions: The "Don" of Man

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Cartoonist Don Martin penned his bulbous-nosed, hinged-foot characters for what magazine from 1956 to 1988?
The New Yorker
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In what film did Don Knotts play a nervous typesetter named Luther Heggs?
The Incredible Mr. Limpet
The Reluctant Astronaut
The Shakiest Gun in the West
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
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What English poet's magnum opus was a satire entitled "Don Juan"?
Lord Byron
John Milton
John Keats
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What is the nickname of famed drag racer Don Garlits?
The Rodfather
Double Dare
Big Daddy
Dyno Don
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What Number One country song by Don Williams also cracked the Top 30 on the Billboard Pop Chart?
Falling Again
I Believe in You
Nobody but You
Heartbeat in the Darkness