5 Questions: "Don" Cry Out Loud

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What is the first name of Don Everly's brother, who was the other half of the duo known as The Everly Brothers?
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Former first baseman Don Mattingly is currently the manager of what Major League Baseball team?
Los Angeles Dodgers
Baltimore Orioles
Kansas City Royals
Seattle Mariners
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On TV's Mad Men, what was Creative Director Don Draper's real name revealed to be?
Roy Hinkley
John Preston
Dick Whitman
Reinhold Weege
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Don Cheadle was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for his role as Paul Rusesabagina in what film?
King Leopold's Ghost
Hotel Rwanda
Ocean's Twelve
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The Real Don Steele was a prominent personality in what profession for over 30 years?
Sports announcer
Car salesman
Disc jockey