5 Questions: It's "August" Already?

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In the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, where did Augustus Gloop end up after being banished from the group tour?
Juicing Room
Garbage Bin
Fudge Room
Taffy Pulling Room
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What actor portrayed a homicide detective in the Quinn Martin TV crime drama Dan August?
Michael Landon
Burt Reynolds
Chad Everett
James Brolin
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Which professional golf tournament is held in Augusta, Georgia, every year?
The Players Championship
Arnold Palmer Invitational
U.S. Open
The Masters
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Augusto Pinochet served as the dictator of which South American nation from 1973 until 1990?
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What artist hit number one on the Billboard chart with his double live album entitled Hot August Night?
Barry Manilow
Paul Simon
James Taylor
Neil Diamond