5 Questions: "Fly" on the Wall

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Which of the following singers was once a Fly Girl on Fox TV's In Living Color?
Avril Lavigne
Selena Gomez
Jennifer Lopez
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What airline had a series of TV and print ads featuring attractive flight attendants and tag lines like "I'm Cheryl, Fly Me!"?
Eastern Air Lines
National Airlines
People Express
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What young actress taught a brood of Canada Geese how to migrate in the 1996 film Fly Away Home?
Dakota Fanning
Anna Paquin
Kirsten Dunst
Christina Ricci
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The "infield fly rule" is a regulation applied to what professional sport?
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Which of the following bands released an album entitled Fly Like an Eagle in 1976?
J. Geils Band
Steve Miller Band
Allman Brothers Band
Marshall Tucker Band