5 Questions: Leaps and "-ounds"

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Which Will and Grace star provides the voice of Lucky on the animated TV series Pound Puppies?
Sean Hayes
Debra Messing
Eric McCormack
Megan Mullally
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Which of the following movie credits refers to the person in charge of sound effects?
Foley artist
Key grip
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Which of the following slogans was used to advertise Peter Paul Mounds candy bars?
Get the sensation
Fluffy, not stuffy
Chew it over
Indescribably delicious
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What folk singer's autobiography was entitled Bound for Glory?
Bob Dylan
Woody Guthrie
Pete Seeger
Leonard Cohen
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What comedian appeared in the music video for Ratt's 1984 hit "Round and Round"?
George Burns
Henny Youngman
Milton Berle
Rip Taylor