5 Questions: Election Day!

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What singer sported a white top hat and tails in the video for the 1972 hit single "Elected"?
Elton John
Alice Cooper
David Bowie
Ian Hunter
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Who played the history teacher that tried to thwart Reese Witherspoon's bid for class president in the 1999 film Election?
Charlie Sheen
Matthew Broderick
Brendan Fraser
Judd Nelson
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What presidential candidate was Walter Mondale addressing when he said: "When I hear your new ideas, I'm reminded of that ad, 'Where's the beef?'"?
Michael Dukakis
Al Gore
Gary Hart
H. Ross Perot
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The hanging paper fragments left on punch-card ballots that were a point of contention in the 2000 presidential race were referred to by what name?
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What character placed third in the hotly contested City Council election on the Season 4 finale of Parks and Recreation?
Jessica Wicks
Kelly Larson
Ben Wyatt
Brandi Maxxxx