5 Questions: Drop "ank"-or

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"Thank You for Being a Friend" was the theme song for what TV sitcom?
That 70s Show
The Drew Carey Show
The Golden Girls
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What was the first film that actor Tom Hanks ever directed?
Apollo 13
That Thing You Do!
A League of Their Own
Catch Me If You Can
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In both the comic strip and the 1990 film, the Dick Tracy villain known as The Blank was revealed to actually be whom?
Breathless Mahoney
Flattop Jones
B.B. Eyes
Itchy Oliver
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What color has come to designate the decaffeinated coffee pot thanks to the popularity of Sanka?
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What poet died shortly after he drank 18 straight whiskies?
Robert Frost
Ezra Pound
Langston Hughes
Dylan Thomas