5 Questions: Potatoes or Stuffing

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Which of the following vegetables was NOT released in 1964 as a pal for Mr. Potato Head?
Ralph the Radish
Cooky the Cucumber
Pete the Pepper
Katie the Carrot
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What young actress has a clothing line called "Stuff"?
America Ferrera
Sienna Miller
Bijou Phillips
Hilary Duff
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What New Wave band has often likened their image to the lowly potato, a vegetable without individuality?
The Residents
Pere Ubu
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What comedian noted that "a house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it" in a routine known as A Place for My Stuff?
George Carlin
Chris Rock
Richard Pryor
Steve Martin
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What singer had a million-selling single in 1962 with "Mashed Potato Time"?
Mary Wells
Dee Dee Sharp
Little Eva
Tina Turner