5 Questions: Boilermaker

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"Shot through the heart and you're to blame" is the opening line of what 1986 Bon Jovi hit?
Bad Medicine
Livin' on a Prayer
Wanted Dead or Alive
You Give Love a Bad Name
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Which type of beer takes its name from a city in Czechoslovakia?
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Who played the profane coach of the Charlestown Chiefs in the 1977 film comedy Slap Shot?
James Caan
Ryan O'Neal
Paul Newman
Walter Matthau
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The main characters of what TV sitcom worked as beer bottle-cappers at the Shotz Brewery?
On the Rocks
Laverne and Shirley
Who's the Boss?
Hello, Larry
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Robert Ford gained fame for killing what outlaw with a single shotgun blast?
Black Bart
Wyatt Earp
Billy the Kid
Jesse James