5 Questions: After Christmas "Sale"

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What former Major League Baseball player once hosted the TV game show Sale of the Century?
Joe Garagiola
Joe DiMaggio
Joe Tinker
Joe Jackson
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Hunt and Tony Sales (sons of Soupy) were once part of the band called Tin Machine, which was fronted by what singer?
Marilyn Manson
Ozzy Osbourne
David Bowie
Alice Cooper
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What group's No Strings Attached album holds the SoundScan sales record for most copies (2.41 million) sold during its debut week?
Boys II Men
'N Sync
Backstreet Boys
Jonas Brothers
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Who wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Death of a Salesman?
William Gibson
Eugene O'Neill
Arthur Miller
Tennessee Williams
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Which of the following "loss" phrases is actually a sales-generating retail technique?
Loss prevention
Stop loss
Bridging loss
Loss leader