5 Questions: What? This Old "Rag"?

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Which of the following cartoon characters had a sidekick named "Rags"?
Crusader Rabbit
Dudley Do-Right
Woody Woodpecker
Hong Kong Phooey
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What color is Raggedy Ann's nose on the classic doll?
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What venerable actor played the police commissioner in the 1981 film Ragtime?
Laurence Olivier
James Cagney
James Stewart
Henry Fonda
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Which of the following writers was famous for his "rags to riches" juvenile novels?
O. Henry
Booth Tarkington
Henry Adams
Horatio Alger Jr.
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What band's Seven and the Ragged Tiger album featured the number one hit "The Reflex"?
Thompson Twins
Pet Shop Boys
Duran Duran
Fine Young Cannibals