5 Questions: Breaking Bad

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Which of the following state nicknames appears on New Mexico vehicle license plates?
The Last Frontier
Old Dominion
Native America
Land of Enchantment
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What actor filmed an anti-smoking TV commercial that was aired after his death from lung cancer in which he stated "Now that I'm gone, don't smoke"?
Yul Brynner
John Wayne
Desi Arnaz
Jim Varney
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What author published the classic novel about a wolf-dog hybrid called White Fang?
James Fenimore Cooper
Jack London
Sinclair Lewis
Stephen Crane
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Roseanne star John Goodman appeared in Flight and what other film nominated for a 2013 Academy Award?
Silver Linings Playbook
The Master
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What was the name of Blair's cousin who had cerebral palsy on TV's The Facts of Life?