5 Questions: Isn't That "Special"?

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Which Saturday Night Live cast member played the Church Lady, whose catchphrase was a sarcastic "Isn't that special?"?
Dana Carvey
Phil Hartman
Martin Short
Kevin Nealon
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Which of the following was once a slogan used by Kellogg's in TV commercials to advertise Special K cereal?
"I thought you were Dale!"
"My back-to-nature cereal."
"If you can pinch more than an inch..."
"Its the right thing to do."
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What commercial property served as the setting for the syndicated 1980s children's television series Today's Special?
Gas station
Department store
Ice cream shop
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The refrain of what hit by the Pretenders says "I'm special, so special"?
Middle of the Road
Back on the Chain Gang
Don't Ge Me Wrong
Brass in Pocket
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Which member of the Kennedy clan founded the Special Olympics?
Jacqueline Kennedy
Ethel Kennedy
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Patricia Kennedy Lawford