5 Questions: Eat Your Breakfast

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What comic strip character is frequently seen cococting a sandwich that includes a fried egg, lobster tail, string of sausages, and sardines, among other ingredients?
Beetle Bailey
Hagar the Horrible
Dagwood Bumstead
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The 1947 film The Egg and I marked the first film appearance of what comedy duo?
Laurel and Hardy
Ma and Pa Kettle
George Burns and Gracie Allen
The Smothers Brothers
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Dennis Farina played homicide detective Joe Fontana for two seasons on what long-running TV crime drama?
Homicide: Life on the Street
The Wire
Law & Order
Criminal Minds
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What brand of athletic shoe is famous for its patented waffle sole?
New Balance
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Pete Ham and Tom Evans were co-founders of what power pop band, whose first hit was the Paul McCartney composition "Come and Get It"?
The Kinks
Cheap Trick
The Romantics