"Play" Day

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Before it was eventually marketed as a children's toy, what was the original purpose of Play-Doh?
Wallpaper cleaner
Window caulking
Filler for nail holes
Denture adhesive
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In what film is Humphrey Bogart frequently misquoted as having said "Play it again, Sam"?
The Maltese Falcon
Key Largo
The African Queen
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What band had a Number One single on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1976 with "Play That Funky Music"?
Moby Grape
Wild Cherry
The Raspberries
Tangerine Dream
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What actor, known for his role on a TV detective series, was the spokesman for Player's Club, a casino-based discount service?
Peter Falk
William Conrad
Dennis Weaver
Telly Savalas
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Which of the following TV actors was featured as the male centerfold in the first regular issue of Playgirl magazine?
Lee Majors
Earl Holliman
Lyle Waggoner
James Brolin