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What sitcom star was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1969 and subsequently became an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation?
Mary Tyler Moore
Roseanne Barr
Sally Struthers
Barbara Eden
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Which of the following diseases is known by this name only in English-speaking countries, while elsewhere world is called by its medical term "Varicella"?
Whooping cough
Chicken pox
Strep throat
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What actor earned an Academy Award for his portrayal of an attorney whose Kaposi's sarcoma lesions ultimately revealed his status as an AIDS patient in the 1993 film Philadelphia?
Liam Neeson
Bill Murray
Daniel Day-Lewis
Tom Hanks
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What Top 5 hit by Foreigner lamented "I've got a fever of a hundred and three"?
Cold As Ice
Hot Blooded
Feels Like the First Time
Blue Morning, Blue Day
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"Blue Flu" is the name given to an unofficial strike (that is, a record number of employees phone in sick) in what profession?
Bus drivers
Police officers
Utility workers