Automobile Model Names

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In a promotion that began in 1956 and lasted into the 1970s, which of the following free premiums was included inside boxes of Breeze Laundry Detergent?
Corelle dinnerware
Cannon Mills bath towels
Playskool toys
Carter's baby clothing
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Which of the following terms do meteorologists often use to describe the shape of Cirrus clouds?
Mare's tail
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What type of cocktail is mentioned in the subtitle and the chorus of Rupert Holmes' 1979 Number One hit single "Escape"?
Pina Colada
Tequila Sunrise
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Which of the following "single male raising children"-based TV sitcoms was set in a luxurious penthouse apartment on New York's Fifth Avenue?
Bachelor Father
Family Affair
The Courtship of Eddie's Father
My Three Sons
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"El Dorado....take this brother, may it serve you well" can be heard on what psychedelic/avant-garde track by The Beatles?
Tomorrow Never Knows
I Am the Walrus
Revolution 9
It's All Too Much