5 Questions: Prayers for Boston

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Which of the following songs was NOT a Top 10 hit for the band Boston?
Point of Know Return
Don't Look Back
More Than a Feeling
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Boston Legal was a spin-off of what other popular lawyer-based TV series?
L.A. Law
Law & Order
The Practice
Ally McBeal
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What actress is the biological mother of Kurt Russell's oldest son, Boston?
Season Hubley
Sigourney Weaver
Swoosie Kurtz
Stockard Channing
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What was the nefarious occupation of the fictional character known as Boston Blackie?
Pool shark
Jewel thief
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The chefs who created the dish known as Boston Baked Scrod worked at the same hotel that gave us what other famous menu item?
Waldorf salad
Parker House rolls
Eggs Benedict
Delmonico steak