5 Questions: Your Tax Extension

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What country star released an album entitled Who'll Buy My Memories? in an effort to pay off a $17 million tax bill?
Hank Williams Jr.
Willie Nelson
Waylon Jennings
Merle Haggard
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What flamboyant businesswoman once famously proclaimed "Only the little people pay taxes"?
Leona Helmsley
Coco Chanel
Suze Orman
Oprah Winfrey
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What notorious gangster's underworld crime career was cut short when he was jailed for income tax evasion?
Baby Face Nelson
Machine Gun Kelly
Al Capone
Alvin Karpis
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Prior to 2008, standard U.S. versions of Monopoly offered players who landed on the "Income Tax" space the option of paying 10 percent or what dollar amount?
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Which of the following was pictured in the logo for I.R.S. Records?
Dollar sign
Piggy bank wearing sunglassses
Man wearing a fedora
Treasury building