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What syndicated comic strip character is famous for making "corn-likker" moonshine in his hometown of Hootin' Holler?
Snuffy Smith
Mark Trail
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Jane Leeves portrayed live-in housekeeper Daphne Moon on what TV sitcom?
The Nanny
Diff'rent Strokes
Two and a Half Men
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What was the name of the character who insulted Tommy (Joe Pesci) a little bit when he ordered him to go home and get his shine box in the 1990 film Goodfellas?
Jimmy Two Times
Billy Batts
Johnny Roastbeef
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What one-hit wonder band had a Top 5 Billboard Hit Single in 1976 with the marimba-driven "Moonlight Feels Right"?
Starland Vocal Band
Atlantic Starr
Stars on 45
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Humble and loveable Shoeshine Boy was the alter ego of what cartoon superhero?
Secret Squirrel
Atom Ant
Roger Ramjet