Iced "Tea"

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In what Sydney Pollack film did the director also appear as an actor, notably in a scene with Dustin Hoffman at New York's famous Russian Tea Room?
The Fabulous Baker Boys
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Bright Lights, Big City
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Which of the following colors is NOT in the same color range as teal?
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What was the name of the American History teacher played by Lloyd Haynes on the TV series Room 222?
Mr. Kaufman
Mr. Dixon
Mr. Dragen
Mr. Casey
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What former president of the Teamsters labor union disappeared from a Michigan restaurant in 1975?
Jimmy Hoffa
George Meany
Walter Reuther
Samuel Gompers
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What artist's multi-platinum 1991 single "Tears in Heaven" was inspired by the death of his son, who fell from the window of a high-rise apartment?
Billy Joel
Rod Stewart
Eric Clapton