Beer Quiz

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What country music singer starred as race car driver Brewster Baker (who reluctantly adopts a gaggle of orphans) in the 1982 film Six Pack?
Kenny Rogers
Mac Davis
Kris Kristofferson
Jerry Reed
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What late-night talk show host co-starred as the wise-cracking sidekick for the first three seasons of the TV game show Win Ben Stein's Money?
Conan O'Brien
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Kimmel
Craig Kilborn
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What U.S. President granted an unconditional pardon to all Vietnam War draft dodgers during his first day in office?
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
Lyndon B. Johnson
Bill Clinton
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What country music artist had a Top 10 Billboard Pop Hit in 1964 with "Chug-a-Lug"?
Buck Owens
Johnny Cash
Mel Tillis
Roger Miller
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Which of the following bones is located in the head, or skull, of humans?