5 Questions: "Hal"lie-lujah

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Lyricist Hal David was probably best known for his collaborations with what composer?
Carole King
Burt Bacharach
Carole Bayer Sager
Neil Sedaka
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Actor Hal Holbrook has been portraying what author in a one-man show since 1954?
Ernest Hemingway
Mark Twain
Edgar Allan Poe
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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In the late 1990s child actress Hallie Eisenberg appeared in a series of commercials for what soft drink?
Mountain Dew
Dr. Pepper
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Hal March was the host of what popular TV game show, which was cancelled in the midst of the infamous 1950s quiz show scandals?
The $64,000 Question
Name That Tune
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HAL 9000 was a computer that served as the primary antagonist in what science fiction film?
Dark Star
2001: A Space Odyssey
THX 1138