Happy Birthday "USA"!

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What comic strip character is frequently depicted making a sandwich containing such ingredients as a string of sausages, a fried egg, a lobster claw and leftover spaghetti?
Hagar the Horrible
Dagwood Bumstead
Andy Capp
Beetle Bailey
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Who co-starred with Michael J. Fox in the 1989 Brian De Palma film based on the infamous Incident on Hill 192, Casualties of War?
Matt Dillon
Tom Hanks
Matthew Broderick
Sean Penn
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Which of actress Elizabeth Taylor's husbands was awarded $1 million in spousal support after their 1996 divorce?
Eddie Fisher
Michael Wilding
Larry Fortensky
John Warner
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What type of animal was "Rags", the loyal sidekick of cartoon hero Crusader Rabbit?
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Which U.S. President popularized the phrase "a thousand points of light" when referring to volunteerism?
Bill Clinton
Gerald Ford
George H.W. Bush
Jimmy Carter