Cows Quiz

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What fast food chain features illiterate cows in its advertisements urging consumers to "Eat mor chikin"?
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen
El Pollo Loco
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Munro Leaf's classic children's book The Story of Ferdinand tells the story of a bull who would rather do what than participate in bullfights?
Smell flowers
Listen to music
Smooch with cows
Look at himself in a mirror
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Laughing Cow (listed in French on the label as La Vache qui Rit) is a brand name of what type of product?
Body wash
Soy milk
Processed cheese
Calcium supplement
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Borden's spokescow, Elsie, was "married" to a bull named Elmer, who was the mascot for what other product made by the company?
Condensed milk
Bouillons and soups
Air fresheners
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In the cartoon universe, Clarabelle Cow is the best friend of which of the following characters?
Petunia Pig
Minnie Mouse
Winnie Woodpecker
Olive Oyl