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In the DC comics universe, which of the following is the real name of the Batman arch-villain known as The Penguin?
Oswald Cobblepot
Victor Fries
Harvey Dent
Edward Nigma
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In January 1980 the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL team changed their official colors from blue and white to what combination?
Red and white
Burgundy, silver and black
Green and silver
Black and gold
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What type of animal was Chumley, the best friend of TV cartoon character Tennessee Tuxedo?
Polar bear
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Opus the Penguin is a character that originated in which of the following comic strips?
Bloom County
The Far Side
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What late actor was both the narrator and the voice of several penguins in the 2006 animated film Happy Feet?
Gene Wilder
Richard Pryor
Robin Williams
Peter Sellers