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What hit single by Rod Stewart often had the verse that included the words "spread your wings and let me come inside" edited out by Top 40 AM radio stations?
Hot Legs
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Tonight's the Night
You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)
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What Olympic medalist-turned-actor was the first person to portray comic strip hero Flash Gordon on the Big Screen?
Bruce Bennett
Buster Crabbe
Johnny Weissmuller
Glenn Morris
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What British monarch (who is noted in history books for "losing" the American colonies) was going slightly mad from what has since been presumed to be porphyria?
Henry VIII
Edward VIII
William the Conqueror
George III
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The NBA team known as the Utah Jazz started out in 1974 as an expansion team based in what city?
New Orleans
St. Louis
Kansas City
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In the classic Stateroom scene in the 1935 Marx Brothers film A Night at the Opera, what type of food did the characters order and re-order from the steward in increasing increments?
Frog's legs
Hard-boiled eggs
Shrimp cocktail