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Which regular character on the long-running TV series M*A*S*H had a wife and young daugher (Peg and Erin, respectively) back home in Mill Valley, California, awaiting his return?
B.J. Hunnicutt
Frank Burns
Charles Emerson Winchester III
"Trapper" John McIntyre
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What Major League Baseball team not only has an official mascot named "Bernie", but also second-string mascot team of costumed sausages that race around the park at the bottom of the sixth inning at all home games?
Chicago Cubs
Cleveland Indians
Minnesota Twins
Milwaukee Brewers
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Red-haired lisping child actor Mason Reese first gained fame in the U.S. for his appearances in TV commercials promoting what product or company?
Life cereal
Underwood Deviled Ham
Oscar Mayer bologna
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What artist had a Top 5 U.S. Billboard Pop Hit in 1980 with the lead single from his Hotter Than July album, "Master Blaster (Jammin')"?
Stevie Wonder
Rick James
Michael Jackson
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What was the first name of the character played by Eric Stoltz, who suffered from craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, in the 1985 film Mask?