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Which of Charlie's Angels, who'd previously co-starred on The Rookies, starred as a TV network exec who discovered that her husband was involved in a homosexual relationship with Harry Hamlin in the 1982 film Making Love?
Kate Jackson
Jaclyn Smith
Cheryl Ladd
Shelley Hack
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Curtis Mayfield wrote, produced and performed the soundtrack for which of the following Blaxploitation films?
Cotton Comes to Harlem
Super Fly
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Charles Barkley was a member of what NBA team when he was recruited to play for the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Dream Teams?
Chicago Bulls
Phoenix Suns
Los Angeles Lakers
Orlando Magic
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On what piece of equipment in an average supermarket would you most likely find the brand name "Hobart"?
Cash register
Take-A-Number ticket
Produce scale
Shopping cart
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Mason Adams, known for his voiceover work on commercials for Chiffon Margarine and Smucker's preserves, played managing editor Charlie Hume on what TV series?
The Name of the Game
Lou Grant
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Early Edition