Coming Up Roses

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Who won a Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of an unhappily married advertising executive who has inappropriate fantasies about a teenaged girl in the 1999 film American Beauty?
Bruce Willis
Brendan Fraser
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Kevin Spacey
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What band parodied their hit "Eye of the Tiger" in a commercial for Starbucks, following middle manager Glenn through his work day?
Night Ranger
.38 Special
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Which of the following long-running syndicated comic strip title characters is/was a firefighter?
Smokey Stover
Steve Canyon
Snuffy Smith
Modesty Blaise
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What actor portrayed recurring Special Guest Villain King Tut on the 1960s TV series Batman?
Cesar Romero
Vincent Price
Victor Buono
Frank Gorshin
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Which of the following desserts is topped with browned meringue?
Bananas Foster
Cherries Jubiliee
Peach Melba
Baked Alaska