Happy Anniversary "Goo"gle

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Alice the Goon was a recurring character in what long-time syndicated comic strip?
Gasoline Alley
Little Orphan Annie
Snuffy Smith
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Besides Goobers, which of the following candies was also a product of the Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate Company?
Milk Duds
Good & Plenty
Junior Mints
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Which member of the 4077 remained in Korea after the war ended, according to the "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" finale episode of TV's M*A*S*H?
Father Mulcahy
Colonel Potter
Margaret Houlihan
Corporal Klinger
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"Goofus and Gallant", along with "The Timbertoes" and "Hidden Pictures" are recurring features in which of the following children's magazines?
Ranger Rick
Boys' Life
Highlights for Children
American Girl
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What actor starred in the 1956 Civil War drama Friendly Persuasion as a Quaker farmer whose son was constantly pecked on his backside by an aggressive goose?
Gregory Peck
Gary Cooper
James Stewart
Henry Fonda