Old 10

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What Motown group had a Top 5 hit in 1965 with "It's the Same Old Song", which was written and recorded within 24 hours?
The Temptations
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Four Tops
The Supremes
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"Old Joe" is the official name of the mascot that has appeared the logo of which of the following companies since 1913?
Turtle Wax
Hartford Insurance
Greyhound Bus Lines
Camel Cigarettes
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What former Laugh-In cast member played Chevy Chase's ex-wife in the 1980 comedy film Seems Like Old Times?
Judy Carne
Goldie Hawn
Jo Anne Worley
Ruth Buzzi
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What author won a Pulitzer Prize in 1953 for his novel about an aging Cuban fisherman entitled The Old Man and the Sea?
Ernest Hemingway
Jack London
Herman Melville
John Steinbeck
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According to the classic nursery rhyme, besides his pipe and his fiddlers three, what else did Old King Cole call for?