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Which of the following Soviet-era automobiles was manufactured by VEB Sachsenring in East Germany?
Lada Niva
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What actress entered into a marriage of convenience with French actor Gerard Depardieu in the 1990 romantic comedy Green Card?
Andie MacDowell
Winona Ryder
Julia Roberts
Demi Moore
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What comedian often dressed in drag to portray a sassy Southern woman named Geraldine (who frequently defended "her" actions by saying "The Devil made me do it!")?
Richard Pryor
Bill Cosby
Flip Wilson
Redd Foxx
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What song did one-named singer/rapper Gerardo take to the Billboard Top 10 in 1991 (a tune that was later lampooned by Weird Al)?
Good Vibrations
Rico Suave
Groove is in the Heart
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Which of the following professionals would be most likely to utilize "gerrymandering"?
A rabbi
A carpenter
A politician
An electrician