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When Richie Cunningham on TV's Happy Days was feeling particularly masculine with a girlfriend, he used to sing the opening line of what Fats Domino hit?
I'm Walkin'
Blueberry Hill
Ain't That a Shame
My Blue Heaven
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What color are the bows holding Wendy's pigtails in place in the fast food chain's logo?
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Huey Newton was the co-founder of which of the following organizations?
Symbionese Liberation Army
Weather Underground
Students for a Democratic Society
Black Panther Party
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In what film (for which she was nominated for an Academy Award) did Audrey Hepburn play a recently blinded woman being terrorized by criminals searching for heroin?
The Lavender Hill Mob
Wait Until Dark
How to Steal a Million
The Nun's Story
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What singer had a Number One Billboard hit single in 1979 with "Hot Stuff", which was followed up another Number One hit, "Bad Girls"?
Olivia Newton-John
Barbra Streisand
Donna Summer