Harvey Comics II

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The dot that is known as a "period" to end sentences in American English sentences is called which of the following in British English?
Full Stop
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In which of the following Arnold Schwarzenegger films was he cast as part of a typical "Mutt and Jeff" duo with his co-star, Danny DeVito?
Kindergarten Cop
The Running Man
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Which of the following songs was a million-selling single by The Cowsills that hit Number 2 on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1967?
Rainy Days and Mondays
Who'll Stop the Rain
The Rain, the Park and Other Things
I Can't Stand the Rain
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Which of the following villains is the razor-gloved serial killer in the A Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise?
Freddy Krueger
Jason Vorhees
Michael Myers
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Herman Munster, of TV's The Munsters, earned a living working at what type of business?
Gas station
Funeral home
Taxi company
Barber shop