What a Doll!

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Jonas Grumby was the skipper of which of the following TV show vessels?
Gone Fission
PT 73
SS Minnow
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What is the name of the widow who lived in a Louisville, Kentucky, slum known as Cabbage Patch in the 1901 best-selling novel by Alice Hegan Rice?
Mrs. Wiggs
Mrs. Miniver
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
Mrs. Dalloway
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An infant named "Joey Stivic" was the first character to display full frontal male nudity on prime time TV when he had his diaper changed on what sitcom?
Family Ties
Full House
All in the Family
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What singer's highest-charting U.S. hit was her 1979 Top 5 single "Chuck E.'s in Love"?
Donna Summer
Rickie Lee Jones
Melissa Manchester
Alicia Bridges
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Klaus Barbie is which of the following?
The inventor of the cuckoo clock
A convicted Nazi war criminal
Founder of the electronic music group Kraftwerk
The "B" in BMW