Ears to You

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Despite having oversized ears, what did Dumbo (the Disney elephant) need to hold in his trunk in order to fly?
A four-leaf clover
A peanut
A feather
A horseshoe
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Which of the following kidnap victims had one of their ears severed and included in the ransom note demanding $17 million?
Frank Sinatra Jr.
John Paul Getty III
Patricia Hearst
Charles Lindbergh Jr.
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What band's album The Roaring Silence (which featured a giant ear on the cover) yielded the 1977 Number One Pop Single "Blinded by the Light"?
Electric Light Orchestra
Steve Miller Band
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Manfred Mann's Earth Band
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What actor from TV's Star Trek was told by producers "We'll put the ears on someone else" when he staged a "sick-out" during a salary dispute?
Leonard Nimoy
Zachary Quinto
Chris Pine
William Shatner
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In which of William Shakepeare's plays was the title character's father murdered by a villain who poured poison into his ear as he slept?
Richard III
Julius Caesar