5 Questions: Don't Break the "Seal"

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British singer Seal married what supermodel in 2005?
Naomi Campbell
Elle MacPherson
Heidi Klum
Tyra Banks
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What magazine has been awarding its "Seal of Approval" to tested consumer products since 1909?
Good Housekeeping
Family Circle
Ladies Home Journal
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What singer hit number three in both the U.S. and the U.K. in 1962 with "Sealed with a Kiss"?
Paul Anka
Brian Hyland
Johnnie Ray
Johnny Mathis
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Which of the following mattress "models" is a product of the Sealy Corporation?
Perfect Sleeper
Spring Air
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What actor played Lt. Hawkins, second-in-command of the rescue team, in the 1990 film Navy SEALS?
Charlie Sheen
Christian Slater
Judd Nelson
Brendan Fraser