5 Questions: Liberace

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Along with his brother George, Ira Gershwin wrote what Broadway musical that marked Ethel Merman's stage debut?
Strike Up the Band
Girl Crazy
My One and Only
Of Thee I Sing
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Who won a Best Actress Oscar (and also played her own piano pieces) for her role in 1993's The Piano?
Emma Thompson
Helen Mirren
Mare Winningham
Holly Hunter
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What was the first name of the advertising mascot doll that was used to promote Lee Jeans?
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What country star had a Number One pop hit in 1975 with "Rhinestone Cowboy"?
Waylon Jennings
Charlie Rich
Glenn Campbell
Freddy Fender
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"God will get you for that, Walter" was a catch phrase often uttered on what TV sitcom?
Laverne and Shirley
Three's Company
One Day at a Time