All Saint's Day

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"We all fall down!" is the last line of the chant used while playing what childhood playground game?
Duck, Duck, Goose
Red Rover
Ring Around the Rosie
Mother May I?
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Which of the following products is NOT produced by the 3M Company, which is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota?
Post-It Notes
Scotch Tape
ACE Bandages
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"Dance all night, play all day" is the opening line to what Top 5 hit by The Cars?
Just What I Needed
You Might Think
Shake It Up
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Susan Saint James co-starred with Rock Hudson in which of the following "wheel series" that were part of the NBC Mystery Movie?
McMillan & Wife
The Name of the Game
Hec Ramsey
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What playwright authored a comedy entitled All's Well That End's Well?
George Bernard Shaw
William Shakespeare
Tennessee Williams