Sesame Street

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Radio and TV producer Kermit Schafer popularized which of the following words to describe his recorded collection of on-air mistakes made by announcers?
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In addition to his role as the Cowardly Lion, what other character (whom Dorothy knew before her bump on the head) did Bert Lahr play in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz?
Uncle Henry
Professor Marvel
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What Thornton Wilder three-act play, a favorite of high school drama clubs, was set in the small town of Grover's Corners?
Night of January 16th
You Can't Take It with You
Plaza Suite
Our Town
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What TV sitcom (that had a 12-season run) added a bespectacled adopted child named Ernie (played by Barry Livingston) midway through the series?
The Brady Bunch
Family Affair
My Three Sons
The Andy Griffith Show
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Hooper, who wears a horse costume to symbolize horsepower, is the mascot for what NBA team?
Indiana Pacers
New York Knicks
San Antonio Spurs
Detroit Pistons