5 Questions: To a "Tee"

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Who starred as a high school student who discovered he was a werewolf in the 1985 film Teen Wolf?
Kirk Cameron
Corey Feldman
River Phoenix
Michael J. Fox
Corey Feldman
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What flavor was the Pepsi-Cola-produced soda pop known as "Teem"?
Root Beer
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Actress Mary Steenburgen married what Cheers star in 1995?
Ted Danson
Kelsey Grammer
Woody Harrelson
George Wendt
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"Sixteen Going on Seventeen" is a song from what classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?
The Sound of Music
South Pacific
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Which of the following supermodels was known for the gap between her front teeth?
Cheryl Tiegs
Lauren Hutton
Naomi Campbell
Jerry Hall