Jackie Collins

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Reddy Kilowatt, the advertising mascot for many electric power companies, has a body made of what?
Lightning bolt
Electrical wire
Infinity symbols
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What rock star was charged with "lewd behavior" after allegedly exposing himself during a 1969 Miami concert?
Mick Jagger
Jim Morrison
Alice Cooper
Joe Cocker
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What was the first name of the woman who became the fearsome "lady boss" of New York's Helmsley Palace Hotel after she married real estate tycoon Harry Helmsley in 1972?
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What actor starred as Dr. Richard Kimble, a physician who was falsely accused of his wife's murder and spent several seasons eluding police in search of the "One-Armed Man" on the TV series The Fugitive?
Mike Connors
Patrick McGoohan
David Janssen
Jack Lord
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What singer mentioned Lucky Strike cigarettes, Sen-Sen breath mints, and Old Spice aftershave in his 1983 hit single "Keeping the Faith"?
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Joel
Tom Petty
John Fogerty