Thank You

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"Thank You for Being a Friend" was a Top 30 hit in 1978 for Andrew Gold, but it gained further fame for being the theme song of what TV show?
The Golden Girls
Growing Pains
Mr. Belvedere
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"Thanks for the Memories" was the theme song for which of the following celebrities?
Jimmy Durante
Frank Sinatra
Bob Hope
Kate Smith
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What singer performed "Last Dance" in the 1978 film Thank God It's Friday, which went on to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song?
Barbra Streisand
Yvonne Elliman
Natalie Cole
Donna Summer
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Which of the following products might you find on a U.S. grocery store shelf marked with the "Thank You" brand name?
Biscuit dough
Hot cereal
Dog food
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What band used the Japanese phrase "domo arigato" ("thank you") in the lyrics of their 1983 single "Mr. Roboto"?
Electric Light Orchestra
Duran Duran
The Police